Corrugated boxes are made of single, double and multiple layers of corrugated sheets. The proposed content determines the kind of corrugated box to choose from. Strength, durability, cost-effective and environment friendly materials contribute to the preference of corrugated boxes for the purpose of packaging. Corrugated boxes and cartons are printed upon for many reasons. While identification is the primary reason for printing on corrugated boxes, the other reasons include health and safety issues, legality, brand uniformity and consistency and for sales presentation.

Printing on corrugates boxes is of different kinds. They include

  1. Flexo or Flexographic Print

One of the most common forms of printing on corrugated boxes; flexo printing is both economical and highly effective. Simple graphics involving one to even six colors for both small and large consignments can be done with flexo printing. You can add company and package content details on the surface of the boxes.

  1. Offset or Screen Print

Screen print is of superior quality. It may be relatively more expensive but the quality and finish to the print is exceptionally good. Screen printing is ideal for small to medium run quantities. There is better visual impact in this kind of printing on corrugated boxes.

  1. Litho Print

Litho printing refers to the process of screen printing your design on a coated press sheet and this is thereafter laminated to the corrugated board before it is die-cut and processed into a corrugated box. Litho printing is offset printing of higher quality. You can better and finer detailing on this print. While it is perfect for medium sized runs, the set-up cost for litho printing is quite high.

  1. Pre-print

This is where pre-printed rolls of paper used in manufacturing liner-board are bought by the client. However, this process is most suitable only in very high volume runs since a lot of investment goes into the process. This is one of the most popular mediums of printing on corrugated boxes in the food and beverage industry especially in packaging of mandarin orange boxes and beer cases.

  1. Label Stickers

If you work on low to medium quantity runs, label stickers are one of your best options. Printed sheets are glued to the outer surface of the corrugated material. A glossy finish to the print can be achieved and hence a neat professional appearance can be observed. Label laminates are used as 100 percent coverage or even as spot coverage either by itself or along with flexo printing.

Printing on corrugated boxes is also advancing with technology. Today, better quality finishes can be obtained on most kinds of printing methodologies facilitating small, medium or high volume runs.