Corrugated boxes are the most versatile and frequently used shipping containers. These boxes are largely used for the purpose of securing the stored products and also to bring down chances of quality deterioration. Quality of materials used to make corrugated boxes and their inherent safety contribute to their wide usage in the food industry. Over 95 percent of products in the USA are shipped in corrugated boxes. Here are distinct reasons why corrugated boxes are the most popular and commonly used packaging medium in the food industry.

  1. Resistant to crushes

During shipping, loading, unloading and warehousing; all packaging materials are vulnerable to crushes, stresses and shocks. Such pressure can often impact the products stored inside the boxes. When products like foods are stored, they are likely to be prone to quality deterioration, leaks, tears in packing etc. But corrugated boxes are largely crush resistant and quality of material can also be modified depending upon climatic conditions and/or storage environment and duration.

  1. Green and environment friendly

Every kind of cardboard box is made from natural renewable resources. Things like newspapers, straws and containers are used to make corrugated boxes. Nearly half of all the papers recycled in the US make corrugated boxes. Also, these boxes are also very easy to use and can also be reused. Environment friendly materials and renewable resources are important in today’s age to ensure we live in a healthier and green world.

  1. Cost-effective source

Since corrugated boxes are made from recycled cardboard materials, they present to be one of the most cost-effective packaging mediums.

  1. Does not contribute to weight

Corrugated boxes are quite sturdy although they are very light in weight. They don’t contribute or add on to the weight of the product(s). And this is very important during shipping and transportation.

  1. No injuries

One of the biggest advantages of corrugated boxes is that they are free of any sharp edges that can cause any injuries to the person transporting or carrying them.

  1. Easy transportation

Corrugated boxes come in standard sizes that make them highly stackable in a neat and orderly manner. They save on a lot of space during transportation since their sizes are consistent and they can be stacked away neatly in warehouses or in vehicles of transportation on road, water or air.

The principal objectives of food packaging include protection of food products from external impact and potential damage. Packaged food items must eliminate product quality deterioration and ensure extension of shelf life. Even the most delicate foods like eggs and fresh fruits are expected to reach their destinations in a wholesome manner that the customer desires. Corrugated boxes hence offer convenience, environmental protection, traceability, elimination of tampering, durability and crush resistance.